Calum English is a British born artist.
My current work focuses on a balance between coherence and formlessness. Through film and sound, I create something that at certain points feels somewhat recognisable, and at others feels abstract. They exist as vignettes of distant memories and ideas that have blurred and distorted themselves over time. My work acts as a direct outlet towards emotional states experienced through these fuzzy memories. The works act as an embodiment of my life, surroundings and emotions. The components of my work are often intentionally simplistic. The majority of my visual material is either captured within my flat or sampled and re-worked from other films. The idea of fashioning interesting ideas from something domestic and mundane is a quality that I'm interested and engaged with.
The idea of immersion is an equally important part of my practice. The importance of sound is key to this idea . I want my films to describe an entirely new atmosphere when they’re experienced, for it to set a mood. Sound has a visceral quality to it that no other medium truly possesses. Through it I can create moods and atmospheres in a direct way.